Joel Combes

Sales and Marketing Director

Joel started work within the Motor Trade in 1998. His first job was selling stationery, warranties and legal advice for law firm Lawdata Ltd.

He joined Lawgistics as a Sales Consultant in 2001 and recognised the huge potential in developing a new warranty product for our clients who were having issues with insurance warranty providers.

Joel explains: “Our legal team received many calls from dealers where their customers had become dissatisfied as a result of an insurance warranty claim taking too long to resolve, being turned down due to a loophole or a general lack of customer care being shown by the warranty firm.

We looked for a product that would cover our clients’ legal obligations and help them and their customer achieve a satisfactory resolution. We quickly realised that no warranty firm would take on this liability.

Some of our clients asked us to write stationery so they could run their own warranties. Within 6 months we could see these clients were saving a fortune and providing a better service to their customers.”

Joel was inspired and designed ‘Driver Options', a range of warranty booklets with telephone legal support and the option of using a comprehensive, around the clock administration service.

Lawgistics appointed Joel as Sales Manager in 2004, to coordinate the launch of ‘Driver Options’ at the same time as the introduction of the new FSA regulations. These three factors combined led to the company experiencing significant growth in 2005, signing 275 dealerships and selling over 50,000 warranty booklets that year.

In 2008 Joel was appointed Sales and Marketing Director and introduced the use of a CRM database with integrated phone and email software. He is responsible for the implementation of our Client Care Programme, which ensures our existing clients remain unaffected by our plans to expand.

In 2010 Joel updated the Lawgistics company website, making it more accessible to both members and non members. He was instrumental in the redesign and rebranding of the legal Membership Packages and started our policy of providing useful, informative and FREE legal updates to the motor trade.

Lawgistics now have 22,000 subscribers to the Legal Updates, over 1000 clients and sell over 80,000 warranty booklets a year.

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