Nona Bowkis

Legal Advisor
Nona is a qualified solicitor who spent 10 years giving advice to consumers, employees, debtors and tenants for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) before joining the Lawgistics Legal Team in September 2014.

As a ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ she is uniquely placed to advise Lawgistics clients through her experience of representing ‘the other side’ in negotiations, tribunals and the County Court.
In 2010, Nona identified a technical defence to a claim brought against her client under the Consumer Credit Act. She successfully argued an adjournment of proceedings to allow time for a full legal team to be brought on board which led to the matter going all the way to the Court of Appeal.

Nona’s client won and the case made the national press. It ended very badly for the Claimant who had, as identified by Nona, failed to comply with the statutory requirements of the Act.
link to the judgement.

In a previous life, Nona spent 12 years in the Civil Service where she qualified as a Chartered Institute of Personal & Development (CIPD) Trainer. She has continued to design and deliver training, most recently to CAB advisers on the topics of employment, debt and Landlord and Tenant issues.

Nona also holds the Institute of Money Advisers (IMA) Certificate in Money Advice practice and in her spare time helps out at a local debt charity, giving advice on debt matters and County Court claims.

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