Legal Updates

BREXIT – The possible implications

Brexit in all its twisted and currently confusing forms, has the potential to cause considerable disruption to Clients who do not take precautionary measures to cover the next twelve months. Anyone who is selling an imported make, should now be planning for a disrupted supply chain, not only of cars but of parts. Anyone who imports from outside the EU may still face disruption as their order becomes stuck in a logjam at the ports.

Published: 01 May 2019

Continuous cover for all motorised vehicles

Some time ago, we reported on the unhappy development within the EU of a concept of a need for continuous insurance cover on all motorised devices, whether used on the public highway or on private ground. It stemmed from the bizarre case of a certain Mr Vnuk, who was injured when a tractor trailer was reversed into his ladder inside a barn, leading to his injury.

Published: 22 Mar 2019

Blocks of ice

We are in the midst of a typical winter, with ambient temperatures drifting from “ mild” to “bitter”, like a drunk unwilling to sober up.
It is the time when black ice and frozen engines cause havoc on our roads.What happens then when a car engine freezes up and who should be held accountable for any consequences?

Published: 10 Jan 2019

Modern Motoring

Following two World Wars, with just 21 years between, Great Britain was left after 1945 with a number of critical problems. Debt, coupled to a ruined infrastructure, a need to export everything we made and desperate shortages of raw materials, created an atmosphere of “make-do-and-mend”. This extended to our motor vehicles and laid the foundation for our modern “Historic Motor Vehicle” industry.

Published: 29 Nov 2018

Chips with everything

Around twenty years ago I wrote an article about the probability that within our lifetime, all human beings would be micro chipped in order to validate their identity. The first dog microchips had been inserted in Fidos around the world already.  I foresaw this as an extended trial run, before some Smart Alec Dictator decreed that all his subjects should be similarly chipped, so that their every movement could be tracked.

Published: 14 Nov 2018

Insuring the Future (As long as it moves!)

Following Vnuk, the Directive now makes it a legal requirement for ALL self-propelled machines, not merely vehicles used on the highway, to have Third Party insurance cover in place before they can be used anywhere. This effectively covers everything from ride on lawnmowers, to mobility scooters, fairground dodgems, Formula One racing cars and even a child’s electric sit on toy.
Published: 26 Jul 2018


From the beginning motoring was dominated by the engineer, the coachbuilder and the chauffer. Fuel came from chemists in cans. Journeys rarely exceeded a few miles, while a motorist frequently (and gratefully) ended his journey being pulled to the nearest Inn by a plough-horse. Coachwork was mostly open; there was no thought of vehicle theft.
Published: 01 Jul 2018

MOT rules change

While we have already set out the new parameters for MOT testing, it is worth repeating that not only have the categories for potential failure and Advisory items been amended and widened, being placed in three new definitions, but that such changes should be regarded as sound guidance for ANY work you undertake on a car at any time.
Published: 14 Jun 2018

Vauxhall Motors a brief history

With the recent announcement that PSA and Vauxhall will terminate all contracts with their dealer network, we thought we would bring you a brief history of Vauxhall motors. Unlikely as it may seem, Vauxhall Motors can claim to be the only motor manufacturers to be named in the Diaries of Samuel Pepys!
Published: 02 May 2018

Be mindful of remapping

A question that we frequently receive from Clients concerns their duty to their customer who asks for non-standard or performance enhancing parts to be fitted to their car.  Modifying a car by remapping the ECU or by improving the fuel combustion or road holding can of course be a good thing, as most cars are pre-set by the maker to be averaged out for all drivers expected to use it, ranging from a newly qualified young tearaway, to a doddery old codger who never took a driving test! Tailoring a car for a specific owner might be regarded as a worthwhile improvement in both user-friendliness and overall safety, for a person who is comfortable in the car is likely to be a better driver.

Published: 31 Mar 2018

The problem with parking

Parking on the pavement is not only seen generally as antisocial, but it is, in the main, an offence punishable by a fine or worse if the obstruction leads to serious consequences.

Published: 21 Mar 2018

Out of this world recovery/repair bills

We are sometimes asked to advise on the thorny issue of the cost of repatriation, where perhaps a car is sold to a customer who leaves the showroom for a pre-planned holiday in sunny climes, excited by the prospect of a long and fun-filled journey in the new motor, accompanied by his wife, six children, the mother-in-law and an incontinent dog.
Published: 08 Mar 2018

NEW “SMART” Motorways

From spring (the exact date has yet to be revealed) new “Smart” motorways will become “Live”.
Published: 21 Feb 2018

New MOT requirements

From May this year, there will be three new categories of caution created in the MOT Inspection of motor vehicles.
Published: 06 Feb 2018

The importance of retaining evidence

Some time ago we were asked to advise about a problem that had occurred when a car, driven by the firm’s own mechanic on test, had crashed, badly injuring the mechanic and other innocent motorists. The road became blocked and the police were called as well as the emergency services.
The mechanic had no memory of the accident so was unable to shed light on the possible cause. As this happened in the days before forensic services were cut in the interests of cost saving for all but fatal mishaps, it had been possible to obtain a copy of a police report that gave several clues about the behaviour of the car in the immediate moments leading up to the disaster.
Published: 20 Dec 2017

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!

Historians do not necessarily agree on the exact date the first Motor driven car ran in the world, but by consensus, this honour has been bestowed on Daimler Benz of Germany. It was Carl Benz who in 1885 produced his three-quarter horsepower three-wheel cart, on which his wife, Bertha and their two sons, undertook the first recorded long-distance run on a self-propelled motor car. In 1886, he developed a four-wheel version and a bigger engine. Both were rudimentary and steered by tiller, with wood blocks acting on the rims of the wheels as the only brake.
Published: 19 Oct 2017

Damage category changes

Insurance companies have for many years operated a system for categorising the level of damages to a motor vehicle.  The system was simple, easy to understand by both the trade and the public and set out four categories of damage.
Published: 12 Jul 2017

Speeding ever onwards

New guidelines intended for drivers caught speeding and set to come into place in the UK from April 24, 2017, will ensure they face stricter penalties and far higher fines, based on what they earn. This will mean offenders could now be fined up to 175% of their weekly income. In the UK, the current standard penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points on your licence. The maximum fine is £1,000 or £2,500 for motorway offences.
Published: 06 Apr 2017


All owners or sellers of this car should in the first instance call the Vauxhall dealership nearest to them and quote their chassis number, asking the question “Is this car affected by the recall and when will you issue me with a recall letter?” A further question might ask “Should I stop using the car until rectified?”
Published: 08 Dec 2016

Customers test driving cars for sale

Much as it somehow seems to elude many, the fact is that when a customer asks to test drive a car they intend to buy, they are being put in charge of not only the capital asset of the car dealer, but a lethal weapon for which they may possess little skill to operate.
Published: 08 Jun 2016

Consumer Rights Act 2015-Video Evidence

The Consumer Rights Act will all too soon be upon us and with it will arrive a whole new raft of “rights” available to the customer who becomes dissatisfied with their purchase. One of the more onerous clauses in the Act will be the full right to reject the goods within the first 30 days for ANY fault, not just a serious fault.

Published: 03 Sep 2015


As from 1st March, 2015 the law has changed in relation to driving while under the influence of drugs.
Published: 04 Mar 2015