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Sainsbury's praised for Alzheimers support

Sainsbury’s are being praised for their work with an employee diagnosed with Alzheimers. This case is being hailed as an excellent way to treat employees suffering from long term health conditions and/ or disabilities.
Published: 08 Mar 2018

Sexual harassment scandals at work

With the recent Hollywood demonstrations of solidarity with victims of sexual harassment and this weeks Women's March highlighting the matter. We thought it would be a good opportunity for our clients to assess their own workplace environments. Many of our clients and workplaces are still reporting incidents of sexual harassment currently. It appears these problems are just as rife as ever- They may just be better hidden now.
Published: 23 Jan 2018

Is covert surveillance in the workplace allowed?

In a recent Spanish case in the European Court of Human Rights which considered the use of covert cameras recording staff for evidence of suspected thefts. Staff were told about some cameras but there were additional ones that were placed covertly. As a result several employees were dismissed based on evidence obtained from the covert cameras.
Published: 23 Jan 2018

Flexible working

Any employee who has been employed for a minimum of 26 weeks has the legal right to request flexible working. Flexible working could be having flexible start and finish times, annualised hours or working from home for example. Employees must make a 'statutory application' and employers can set out a standard form to do this on. In response to the application employers have a duty to deal with them in a ‘reasonable manner’ within 3 months- If not the employee may be able to make a claim to the employment tribunal.

Published: 21 Sep 2017

GCSE Grading Changes

GCSE results day was Thursday 24 August 2017. You may not be aware but there has been a change in the grading of English and Maths qualifications.
Published: 25 Aug 2017

An issue of fitness

An ongoing employment tribunal claim this week is considering whether Surrey Police have discriminated against an employee after she failed a bleep test.
Published: 04 May 2017

Travel time at work…..

HMRC have recently been investigating a number of different companies for failure to pay national minimum wage. Most of the employers in question are care providers who sends care workers to client’s homes to provide support to elderly and disabled individuals.

Published: 27 Apr 2016

My religion is better than yours…..

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision has decide that disciplining a member of staff who had tried to impose her religious views on a Colleague of a different religion was fair and should not be considered unlawful religious discrimination.

Published: 27 Apr 2016

Employment Tribunal Fees

Hot news from the Supreme Court this week. They have granted permission to Unison to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision about employment tribunal fees. Most claims if they reach hearing stage will now cost £1,200.00 in total without representation and this is being linked to the drops in claims to tribunals.
Published: 02 Mar 2016

Holiday Pay Ruling!

Earlier last week British Gas were unsuccessful in their appeal against the employment tribunals decision over holiday pay in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The decision means that employees must now be paid for their holiday based on both basic pay, and any commission they earn. This may also extend to bonuses and overtime. This is likely to have a significant impact on the pay of workers whom previously have lost out on large payments of commission during annual leave.
Published: 02 Mar 2016

More rights for zero hour workers

Do you have any workers on a zero hours contract within your company? If so it is worth taking some time to check over their agreement and ensuring you are compliant with new developments on zero hours contracts.
Published: 02 Feb 2016

Potential VAT scam

We have had a busy couple of weeks with contact from a number of clients seeking advice on a potential scam letter they have received regarding VAT registration numbers.
Published: 09 Dec 2015

ADR Tales…

For those of you who may not be aware of the Regulations yet they cover the promotion of ADR (which is predominantly mediation and negotiation) in all disputes. The aim is to promote the resolution of disputes between consumers and traders prior to having to resort to court action.
Published: 25 Nov 2015

One owner vehicle?

We have had a few calls recently regarding vehicles that have been advertised as a “one owner” vehicle, later turning out to be previously owned by a vehicle hire company.
Published: 25 Nov 2015

Last week VW… This week Vauxhall!

There have been reports of potential faults in the Vauxhall Zafira (Zafira B model launched in 2005) leading to vehicle fires. As a result of this, Vauxhall has carried out an investigation into the heating and ventilation systems of Vauxhall Zafira models.
Published: 29 Oct 2015

Vehicle Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)

As the Consumer Rights Act 2015 has now been passed we have been heavily advocating that all our clients carry out thorough PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) checks on vehicles before sale.
Published: 29 Oct 2015

VW leaves the rest of the industry fuming!

We are sure you will have heard all about the VW scandals this week and the effects could be very far reaching with 16% of all vehicles in the UK being VW Group Cars. VW have admitted that they have used software in their vehicles to ‘cheat’ emissions testing, producing lower emissions results in testing than are achievable in normal driving conditions.
Published: 29 Sep 2015

Warranties - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As you may have seen with our earlier email update this week on the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA2015) dealers will only have one opportunity to make repairs to a vehicle in the event of a fault rendering the vehicle unfit for purpose, not of satisfactory quality or not as described. If the repair is not successful or another different fault occurs the consumer will have the right to reject the goods and obtain a refund or a price reduction.
Published: 29 Sep 2015

Watching the clock??

We constantly deal with problems involving ‘clocked’ vehicles and their sale. A vehicle may be bought and sold many times without anyone involved being aware the vehicle has been clocked even if you have carried out all the relevant checks with due diligence, and this can cause you the dealer all sorts of problems!
Published: 15 Sep 2015

Consumer Rights Act 2015 - Rejects and refunds

We have had some queries recently on how quickly a refund will have to be given if a consumer rejects the vehicle within the first 30 days of ownership when the new Consumer Rights Act comes into force.
Published: 15 Sep 2015

Repairs it’s all about consent…

Here at Lawgistics we regularly have discussions with traders who casually say “It’s being repaired as we speak” Our reply is always “Do you have authorisation to repair?” Repairs should only be started when permission is given by the consumer.

Published: 18 Aug 2015

Dartford Crossing News!

We have had a number of cases recently with people experiencing issues with the changes in the Dartford Crossing (“Dart Charge”) charges. This piece of news will especially apply to those of you operating in this area or those of you who are delivering vehicles.
Published: 18 Aug 2015

Autotrader auto fill mishaps!

Following on from our last legal update about the Autotrader website and the issues with the auto fill function, we are still hearing about problems with the system.

Published: 21 Jul 2015

Worn out? Tread carefully

Be careful when selling vehicles which have part worn tyres, make sure they adhere to all legal requirements.

Published: 21 Jul 2015

Range Rover Recall

Do you have on your forecourt, or have you sold any 2013/16 Range Rovers?

Published: 21 Jul 2015

Fight it out in Court??

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Consumer Disputes Regulations 2015 (bit of a mouthful!) makes it (almost) a requirement to attempt to resolve disputes prior to making a claim against a person or a business. The legislation comes into force on the 9th July 2015 so in the next few days. As it is a new piece of legislation it remains to be seen how it will develop and work in practice, however, we can tell you what your new legal obligations are now.
Published: 07 Jul 2015

Manufacturers warranties......Rusty words? Corroded promises?

Recently we have encountered some unhappy consumers because of a warranty they have been sold by Mercedes Benz with their new cars.
They sell cars with a 30 year anti- corrosion warranty which suggests that any rust would be covered. Wrong!! Many consumers we have heard about have had major rust issues within the first few years of owning their cars.  So who's responsible?  Mercedes or the supplying dealer?
Published: 07 Jul 2015

Bang goes the theory!

If you provide excellent customer service above and beyond your legal obligations then you will probably have a very successful business, however, should you really need to provide a ‘Gold Standard’ customer service to have a successful business?
Published: 09 Jun 2015

Stand by your desks

Little things that could help to avoid employee long term sickness in the workplace.

Published: 09 Jun 2015

Beware of the cookie monster!

Cookies have been around since 1995.  They are simply a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on the website users hard drive.
Published: 27 May 2015

Promising (or expecting!) the world?

Here at Lawgistics we feel quite sorry for the Audi Garage in Watford that was recently presented with a restaurant bill for £714.61.
Published: 12 May 2015

Close your eyes and listen….

Are you playing music in your show room? Are your mechanics listening to the radio right now whilst working?
If so are you correctly licensed to do this? We have recently been contacted by a number of our clients who are falling foul of the licensing laws.
Published: 12 May 2015

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