Bigger, better, busier CDX16

Bigger, better and busier this year, Car Dealer's CDX16 returned to Silverstone on May 24th. A chance for companies within the industry to showcase their products and services to motor traders from all over the U.K. A chance for Lawgistics to speak to traders face to face and answer questions on a variety of subjects. The most common of which were in relation to the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Which was lucky because Nona was giving a seminar on just that subject during the day.

Once again stand envy crept into my mind as we struggled up the stairs with the second sofa, then the second bookcase and the half ton of law books (all those books are real). I watched the bigger stands with their army of skilled craftsmen come together effortlessly with a final result looking like a dealership showroom.

The first and most pressing item on our agenda was of course getting our names down for Bangers for Ben 2016. Luckily we were just across the hall from Kelly and the Ben charity stand. We thought we would be the first there so suitably attired and wearing smug grins we walked across to see Kelly, only to meet a grinning Shaun Harris from Codeweavers coming away from the stand after being one of the first to sign up. As the morning went on we would see many more of our Bangers Buddies jump on board for this years run to Maranello. Look out Italia here comes the law.

We had a wonderful viewpoint from where we were positioned to see the volume of people attending this years event and the talks happening on the live stage. While it was obviously far busier than last year the extra space meant there was plenty of room to move and it didn’t feel crushed. Caffeine seemed to be popular this year with a multitude of stands offering delegates more coffee than your average Costa. Forget coffee, we had legal advisors Howard and Nona dispensing legal advice FREE on our stand.

Nona gave her seminar regarding the CRA2015, and despite being the butt of her jokes and graphics I thought she made the subject amusing, interesting and informative. We have found that there are conflicting interpretations on what the Act entitles consumers to. Fuelled not only by Consumers interpreting stories they have read online, but also differing advice dispensed from Trading Standards and Citizens Advice to consumers. It was good then that Nona, who has spent a considerable time studying the Act and writing articles about it, could give people the facts and how it affects motor traders.

Another great event from our friends at Car Dealer with eager motor traders crowding the Live stage repeatedly to listen to leading lights within our industry discuss a wide range of issues. My only moan would be that it finished too early, and that there aren’t enough lifts to go round. However the £3.95 bacon roll was brilliant and it was great to see so many friends again. Roll on next year I’m sure it’ll be even bigger, better and busier.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 31 May 2016


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