Another win for a Lawgistics client (and common sense) in court

This was a long ongoing case whereby the consumer wanted a refund. They had bought a 7 year old, 61,000 mile vehicle for £3995.   

They complained of a cross threaded spark plug. We offered to inspect but they failed to turn up to various appointments and then put in a claim for a refund and associated costs.

In the defence we prepared, the client asked the court to order an inspection and eventually we got to see the vehicle and we replaced the spark plug for less than £100. The vehicle was fine after that but the consumer wanted more including for us to pay for an independent report to say that the spark plus was fine and her court fees. We refused, the customer said they would continue all the way to the hearing despite us advising them they had no case as a £100 spark plus does not make a £4k vehicle not of satisfactory quality and so the claim should never have been issued.  

The consumer ignored our advice, paid out an extra £355 for the hearing fee and then promptly lost the case. Needless to say our client was very happy with the outcome as were we as it is further proof that common sense and proportionality can and do win over unrealistic consumer demands and expectations.  
For advice on the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or help dealing with consumer related problems Lawgistics members can contact the Legal team.

Authors: Nona Bowkis

Published: 31 Aug 2016


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