Finance company ordered to pay client's costs

Another client recently won a case brought against them by a finance company. It is now becoming more frequent that a finance company is quick to allow the consumer to reject the vehicle after months of driving a vehicle. This particular case, it’s fair to say the vehicle had definitely been around the block, the vehicle in question had covered over 100,000 miles and was over 9 years at the point of sale.

The consumer complained of a CD player not working, whilst a replacement component was offered, compensation or exchange of a different vehicle was all offered (being the proportionate remedy) these were refused. Whilst we argued the CD player did not render the vehicle not of satisfactory quality nor not fit for purpose, the finance company allowed the consumer to reject the vehicle after covering 7,000 miles and providing a full refund!

Not only did the finance company allow the rejection but they also refused the offer of our client to buy the vehicle back at a very fair price or re-sell the vehicle. The finance company sold the vehicle at auction achieving a substantial loss which they attempted to sue our client for!

The Judge not only chucked the case out but also ordered the finance company to pay our clients cost’s. A great and deserving outcome for our client.


Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 09 Mar 2017


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