Using images without permission

If you have set up your website or in the process of updating it, remember to ensure the images which you use on the website, you must of gained permission. We understand sometimes people will often find an image on google, save it and use it on their website. Your likely to then receive a letter which will be threatening legal action for the use of the image without the consent (misuse of an image).

Images are protected under intellectual property.  Of course, if you have been given the copyright then you would naturally have the consent to use the images.

Software packages help people to track and protect their images. Essentially, they upload the image and the software searches for the same image on the internet.  

If you are using images without the consent by the owner, you will be contacted usually by a company instructed on the owners behalf, they may request the image is removed or payment for the use of the image.

Essentially you will need to either remove the image or pay up.


Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 02 Nov 2017


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