Further caution warned over electronic payments scam

We are getting a continuous trickle of business clients who have been the victims of email fraudsters who purport to be from a regular supplier but which states banking details have changed.  The business then makes a payment into the “revised” account details only to find that it has been stolen by the fraudster.

As part of the work we do in negotiating for clients, we are occasionally sent emails from customers who are asking for monies to be paid into their accounts.  We advise the client to pay in an undisclosed “mystery” sum (a few pounds and pence) and ask the customer to notify the client what amount did they received, before the bulk is transferred.  This reduces the risk of the customer losing out because they mistyped a digit, or if the client has done so and reduces the risk of the customer alleging fraud or that they did not receive monies (when they did).

And if you think your business is to smart to fall for it, think again.  For this advice follows on from the recent imprisonment of 2 individuals who conned legal firms, sports clubs and even village halls, out of £300,000.  Further advice from the Metropolitan Police found in this link, over which Lawgistics has no control:



Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 30 Nov 2017


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