Sainsbury's praised for Alzheimers support

Sainsbury’s are being praised for their work with an employee diagnosed with Alzheimers. This case is being hailed as an excellent way to treat employees suffering from long term health conditions and/ or disabilities.

As you may be aware Alzheimers is a progressive condition and impacts on many aspects of a person’s daily life as well as their working role. It can impact on mood, social skills, fatigue, use of language and mobility. This can make things very difficult for employers but it goes to show how adjustments can be made to assist employees who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers and other health conditions and/ or disabilities to enable them to continue working and be valuable assets to your organisation.

Sainsbury's have been credited for making adjustments over a period of nearly 6 years to an employee’s role including changing working hours, tasks, regular meetings and training for her and her colleagues. All of these things together meant the employee could keep working and continue being a productive employee for the company. Her son also says this has had a positive impact on her condition in general.

Simply having an employee with a long term health condition or disability does not automatically mean you can dismiss them. Every organisation has a responsibility towards employees and prospective employees to make reasonable adjustments. If you have anyone in your organisation who has a medical condition then we suggest you contact for us for specialist advice if you are having difficulties managing their condition.


Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 08 Mar 2018


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