Two days in Manchester - CarDealer Expo 2018

New venue for this years CDX meant a journey north to Manchester. Normally our departure from the Lawgistics Tower of Power is preceeded by hours of back breaking work loading our legal library, books, bookcases, chairs and all into the back of a van. But oh the joy our new display stand, beautiful, lightweight and easy to assemble. In previous years we would have collapsed exhausted into the van and spent the journey trying to catch our breath. But now, loaded in an instant, we could enjoy our journey north. Upon arrival at Manchester Central our earlier joy in packing the van was dwarfed by the sheer unadulterated bliss we felt when the stand took minutes….minutes to unload and assemble.

Not only did we have a new stand but we would be unveiling our new software HR Manager.

A simple to understand and easy to use digital compliance portal designed to assist employers manage their legal obligations, responsibilities and duties, in relation to HR, Employment Law, GDPR and Health and Safety.

Being held over two days this year, and with legal advisor Nona hosting workshops on GDPR as well as appearing on the main stage, the boss felt we needed another body on the stand to keep me company while he was off ‘networking’ and Nona was off ‘workshopping’. So legal advisor Kiril was drafted into the Lawgistics CDX team to answer questions or give advice.

From the numbers attending Nona’s GDPR workshops we could tell this was an issue that was weighing heavy on the minds of many dealers. This was reinforced by the number of enquiries over both days that we had on the stand for our GDPR template pack designed to help dealers get GDPR ready. Visitors to the stand were also keen to see how just how easy our HR Manager portal (free to Lawgistics members), makes managing your employees. This coupled with the support of our legal team ensures that HR Manager is a product that will bring a huge benefit those for businesses that use it.

I must say at this point a huge thank you to Jimi and the Perfect Placement team for hosting the Employment Matters zone. A great idea for somewhere that car dealers could get advice and information on all things employment related. A perfect place for us to launch the HR Manager portal.

My personal favourite thing about CarDealer Expo is of course when Joel and myself wander over to the BEN stand, and sign the paperwork to ensure our entry on the current years Bangers for BEN rally. This year’s rally is the tenth anniversary with an extra night and ‘surprises’ planned it promises to be something special.

Monday night gave us all the opportunity to relax and sink a few. After a fantastic dinner at the Manchester Smokehouse with Team Lawgistics, I managed to persuade my colleagues to come out for ‘just one drink’ at one of the two parties being held that night. One hosted by Autotrader which, unfortunately, we didn’t make. The other a Rio themed extravaganza (complete with dancers) hosted by Gardex and Cox Automotive. I am reliably informed that Sambuccas with Lawgistics is now a tradition and after celebrating that tradition repeatedly with old friends, a few new faces and a surprise reunion with a #bangersbuddy, my one drink policy was forgotten and a brilliant night was had by all.

Too many names to mention except to say thems that know…know.

The CarDealer team excelled themselves with the Expo this year, with an event that was for me educational, enjoyable and productive. As an exhibitor it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our services and launch HR Manager, as well as deliver our message about GDPR. As a visitor, whether it was the selection of products and services on offer to your business, the workshops, the main stage discussions or just the chance to meet friends, colleagues and network, CDX delivered. This was my fourth Expo and without a doubt the best, the new venue being more spacious and more user friendly than previous years.

I would recommend that if you haven’t been to CarDealer magazine’s Expo yet, you should mark it on the calendar next year as this event continues to go from strength to strength.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 31 May 2018


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