Managing change

Leading and facilitating change is about initiating and achieving the smooth implementation of new developments and initiatives by planning and introducing them systematically allowing for the possibility of their being resisted or at least, misunderstood.   A recent report by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) has suggested that for any organisational change to succeed employers must address how it will affect the staff.   In the motor industry change can often involve moving staff from one site to another or a change in organisational structures and systems for example, and the author of the report says ‘change fatigue’ is causing many businesses to stagnate.  

When implementing change it is important to boost employee engagement and adaptability by collecting feedback and learning from it.   It is important to offer employees a compelling vision of the future after the change and listen to the views, including the doubts of all.   For those tasked with leading and facilitating change it is a demanding role which, for the best chances of success should be done through structured and organised processes.   A number of Change Models explain the mechanisms for managing change and each organisation will have it’s preferred method, but consideration of the relevant method is an important planning tool for managers in preparation for implementation.  

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Authors: Polly Davies

Published: 31 Oct 2018


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