Car Dealer quits Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence” Scheme

Many local Trading Standards departments run some form of trader “approval” schemes.  It might be “Trusted Trader”, “Buy With Confidence” or some variant of an “approval” by Trading Standards to local businesses or traders.

One of our car dealer clients received two complaints from consumers.  We felt that our client had acted reasonably in both instances and wrote to the complainants accordingly.  In both cases, a Trading Standards officer responded to each of our letters to say that “I have raised our concerns about the content of the correspondence sent by Lawgistics Ltd to your customers which is potentially incorrect and misleading regarding a consumers rights”.  

Not surprisingly, we sent a detailed response explaining why it was the Trading Standards Officer who was not interpreting the law correctly, rather than us.  By reply, we received a somewhat obnoxious response stating that he did not want to enter into any further correspondence with us. Which was fine as the sentiment was mutual.

Without any prompt from Lawgistics, our client resigned from the Buy With Confidence scheme due to their belief that Trading Standards “had been advising the consumer for some time and at no point advised us and raised the issues with us” and that Trading Standards “has not tried to help us but is working against us”. They resigned from the scheme due to having “no faith” in the system due to the officer’s “lack of knowledge”.

Are you having issues with Trading Standards?  Lawgistics Members can get assistance if you feel that they are not treating you fairly, if they have called you in for an interview or notify you of their intent to visit your business.


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 11 Dec 2018


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BC (08/01/2019)
I can honestly say Jason really helped our company deal with trading standards . At first when we received a letter from TS oh my god came into our heads . But after meeting the Lawgistics Team at a show and Jason was on the case, it was music to our ears. Thank You Logistics and Jason for everything

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