Beware of rolling contracts

Here at Lawgistics, clients often ask for help when they are being chased for payments which they don’t believe they owe.

Sadly, these cases are not always easy to argue as more often than not, the client has unknowingly signed up to a long term contract with lengthy cancellation periods.

As in most cases, the devil is in the detail and clients should not rely on anything a sales person has told them as generally speaking contracts will have an ‘entire’ or ‘whole agreement’ clause. These clauses are intended to stop any statements made by a sales person being incorporated into any contract and so if you are signing up to any service, do check if the contract has an entire agreement clause (it will usually say something along the lines of “the terms and conditions in this document form the whole agreement between the seller and the buyer and nothing said by any party shall be included as part of the contract”). If it does, and you want to get out of something because the sales person promised you this, that or a bit of the other, you are likely to be on a hiding to nothing.

Always check the small print, especially in regard to termination terms.

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Authors: Nona Bowkis

Published: 30 Sep 2019


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