Conduct of customers

At Lawgistics we hear about some pretty unreasonable consumer behaviour from time to time.  A recent anecdote told of a police visit lasting FOUR hours to a mechanic’s premises where a customer’s car was being repaired.  Unfortunately, those pre-disposed to aggressive and threatening behaviour will likely mete it out when convinced they have been wronged and reason goes out of the window; and where this occurs the police are often necessarily involved. 

We hear tales of refusal to collect repaired vehicles, abandonment of cars at our traders sites or elsewhere, the scrapping of cars without complaint to the trader, complaints to traders about cars already sold on, refusal to return courtesy vehicles - one person who even wheel clamped their courtesy vehicle!  A log book loan taken out against a car already sold in part exchange, not to mention numerous cases of card fraud usually where payment is taken over the phone on a stolen card and the car collected, never to be seen again, but the money recovered from the trader.

Although the latter cannot be described as ‘consumer’ conduct – it is criminal activity – it is the case that traders can be faced with numerous scenarios following the sale of a vehicle.  

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Authors: Polly Davies

Published: 28 Oct 2019


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