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In relation to the time limit for the short-term right to reject, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 states: - ‘A consumer who has the short-term right to reject loses it if the time limit for exercising it passes without the consumer exercising it, unless the trader and the consumer agree that it may be exercised later’.

The time limit for the short-term right to reject is thirty days after the consumer takes ownership. 

Disputes can arise where a finance company may argue that as a customer ‘raised a complaint’ to them (the finance company) within 30 days of purchase, then the short term right to reject exists, regardless of whether the finance company failed to advise our member within this time frame that the short term right to reject was being sought. 

Additionally, a consumer themselves will often argue that as the fault arose within the first thirty days the short term right to reject exists even if they did not inform our member until after thirty days had passed.

It is important to ensure your communications are clear from the moment you are informed of a complaint. 

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Authors: Polly Davies

Published: 11 Nov 2019


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