David picks up a Lifetime Achievement Award


So last night was CarDealer Magazine’s Used Car Awards 2019, which is always an excellent night. The great and the good from our industry attended the event at The Brewery, London. Myself and Joel this year had to be on our best behaviour as we were accompanied by The Big Boss and Mrs Big Boss. We were also sat with our Bangers Buddies Jamie Caple and Craig Vladmirovs.

Hats off to the CarDealer crew, once again the venue looked awesome and busier than ever. The usual mirth and mayhem ensued as the crowd got rowdier and rowdier as the wine, beers and in some cases shots, flowed in great abundance. I’m not going to run through every award, already done on social media. But there are a few highlights I wish to share.

Our mate, and all-round good guy Jamie Caple scored two awards. This achievement made all the more special by the journey he and Craig from Carquay have been on over the last few years. They won Dealers Dealer and Best Newcomer. (I have to say that Jamie would be nothing without Craig). So proud to be there and share that with them, totally deserved.

Then there was our evening. Any that know the firm or Joel will have seen the months of late nights and hard work my short boss has put into our flagship product, HR Manager. Blood, sweat and tears, a cliché but true in this case. HR Manager is a simple to use portal that allows you and your business to control in real time, HR, Health and Safety and GDPR. From contracts and absenteeism, to holidays and disciplinary action, all part of the Lawgistics membership package.

Well, we only went and won ‘Used Car Product of the Year’ didn’t we.

This justifies all the hard work Joel has put in over the last few years. There have been some really trying times on the road to get this product to our members. The feedback from users has been amazing and has helped to improve the system already.

Well done Joel we’re all super proud.

While that may have been utterly brilliant, there was more joy for team Lawgistics when we were given another surprise. David Combes our MD who has been serving the motor trade for over fifty years fulfilling his ethos of providing affordable, quality legal support for car dealers, that the company still adheres to today. From humble beginnings to the present day where we have over 1200 individual members and give legal advice to a further 3,500 through industry associations, the core message remains the same, here to help. David was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, thoroughly warranted as I am hard pressed to think of a more deserving winner.

Having known David most of my life, the Judge was beaming. What he has created helps hundreds of car dealers every month and I feel honoured and proud that I am a part of this but especially proud that his service has been recognised. The way our team fight for our members, and the innovative solutions we provide them are directly traceable to the man himself.

We are all proud of you and what you have created, So congratulations to Big Dave, the Big Boss, our MD and to some here Dad.



Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 26 Nov 2019


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