MotorCheck, an alternative to HPI

We have received a number of calls about the failure of vehicle checks to highlight certain issues that are important in the sales process. 

Declaring outstanding finance or accident damage are among the most common complaints. With this in mind, I was asked to look at the service offered by MotorCheck

As you can appreciate, it was only a brief examination whilst attending to my regular casework however from what I did see I was very impressed.  

The detail was comprehensive and one client in particular was incredibly impressed when we were able to send him photographs (taken from a search of the registration number via MotorCheck) of a Cat D insurance write off BEFORE it got repaired. In other words, the accident damage.  

MotorCheck's comprehensive report helped our client with a dispute he had with a consumer. The client had undertaken an HPI check prior to buying the car and was aware only that it was an insurance write off but that check did not reveal the accident damage.

Lawgistics invites car dealers to try MotorCheck for themselves and let us (and them!) know what they think. 

Is HPI’s dominance about to come under threat?  As I say, let us know what you think dealers!

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Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 07 Jan 2020


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