Check your mail box regularly - Buyers are issuing court proceedings online

All of our legal team carry a heavy caseload as they battle to obtain justice for our paying members.

But the indication is that buyers are issuing court proceedings online - simply because of the impact of coronavirus.

This has resulted in four cases being dealt with by one of our legal team all turning to the courts for claims on the same day!  

No doubt this is due to consumers:
  1. Spending more time at home with nothing better to do.
  2. Looking at ways to cut back on expenses and seeing an unused vehicle on the driveway.
  3. Believing that because car showrooms are not permitted to open, they will not get the court forms responded to on time and thus automatically obtain a judgment “in default”.
Please ensure that you regularly check e-mails and post (when you can) and if you get any court documents you must send them immediately to us at


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 03 Apr 2020


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