COVID-19: Social distancing in the workplace

It is vital that all employees recognise the great importance that is placed in ‘social distancing’ and the 2-metre rule. It is a simple requirement - all persons are expected to maintain a distance between themselves and any other person of at least 2 metres whilst at work. 

We do recognise that sometimes this will be very difficult and sometimes it will be quite impracticable. Therefore, it is a rule that should apply, where possible (as set out by the HSE in their guidance to all Employers on managing the COVID Emergency.)

So… what does this ‘where possible’ mean? 

Simple, if you DO NOT need to be within 2m of any other person then you SHOULD NOT be so.
By practicing this rule, you protect yourself, your work mates and your family.

Managers and Supervisors will need to monitor all work activities to ensure the 2-Metre rule is being actively applied where possible. If they need to intervene in the work, then it will probably be due to the fact that they have seen the 2-metre rule is not being applied in a situation where it is possible to do so.


Authors: Ernie Taylor

Published: 13 Apr 2020


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