COVID-19: MOT, maintenance and service centres remain open for business, despite the lockdown

We are reminded by our friends at Woodston Motorist Centre (Peterborough) that the Governments recent 6 month MOT extension is no excuse for poor vehicle maintenance and it remains the responsibility of all drivers to ensure that their in use vehicles are roadworthy at all times.

A valid MOT, extended or not, is no guarantee that a vehicle remains roadworthy for the duration and owners that flout the law, knowingly or not, will still face heavy fines and penalty points on their driving licences.

For your own safety, the safety of others and to prevent bigger maintenance costs in the long run, vehicles should continue to be maintained, serviced and MOT'd, in the normal way, as required.

As Stephen Myers from Woodston Motorist Centre says “we are still open for business throughout this COVID19 period, albeit with less staff than normal”.

Of course, Stephen's company is not alone and many other service and MOT centres remain open for business providing an essential service to the Nation.

Keep up the good work chaps. 


Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 20 Apr 2020


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