DVLA prevent registration of new motorhomes

While the Lockdown is being eased and car showrooms have reopened for business, it has been reported to Lawgistics that the DVLA are not accepting the registration of new motorhomes on line.

Current DVLA guidance states no paper applications for registration should be sent to it until further notice. It goes on to state that all online services remain available to use. However, this is incorrect since it excludes new motorhomes.

Such guidance makes no mention of and has no regard to the lacuna created by the abortive implementation of a 700% rise in road fund licence (RFL) specifically targeted at motorhomes pre-Lockdown.

Lawgistics understand that urgent representations are now being made to the DVLA by Robert Jenrick MP (Newark) and the NCC, being the UK trade body for tourer, motorhome, caravan holidays home and residential park home industries.

The DVLA has said it will implement a suitable route to registration for motorhomes but how that will be achieved and when remains unclear.


Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 15 Jun 2020


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