Selling Cars by Video - Part 2

In our new reality, video has the ability to become a highly beneficial business tool that facilitates sales and increases profitability, however, it also has the ability to cost sales, negatively impact reputation, destroy sales executive efficiency and become a malaise within the sales department.   

So, how can you ensure it is being used wisely to drive sales?  

Since we started training car sales executives to incorporate video into their sales process using the eDynamix Video1st platform 5 years ago, we have identified 8 unwitting mistakes that are common with teams that have received no formal training.  

Following on from the first 4 unwitting mistakes outlined in the previous Legal Update, here are the remaining 4:

Unwitting Mistake 5: Sales Executives Say What They See

Without prior planning and an understanding of what motivated the prospect to make an enquiry (see unwitting mistake 3), Sales Executives run the risk of doffing their cap in the direction of the TV game show Catchphrase by simply saying what they see as they walk around the car.  

In the most extreme example of this, we once saw a Sales Executive introduce the prospect to a petrol flap via video.    

Worst still, they start to reference the obvious e.g. “These are the back seats’ and “That’s the red stitching”.  Such apathy has zero positive impact on the prospect’s desire to move the sale forwards and invariably only serves to increase the likelihood that they abandon the video commercial before its conclusion, never to be spoken to again.

Unwitting Mistake 6: No New News

The joint marketing efforts of the manufacturer and retailer have created sufficient interest for the prospect to make an enquiry.  In order to capitalise and build upon that interest, it’s important to deliver new insights during the video commercial that not only have a positive impact on the prospect’s desire to buy but also position the Sales Executive as an authority (and potentially an expert) in their field. 

So, what insights can you bring to the table during the video commercial?

We are not advocating a boat load of information, just a couple of relevant and authentic insights that the prospect will see value in.

In the final analysis, insights create confidence, confidence creates trust and trust is the currency of business.

Unwitting Mistake 7: Demotivating Time Duration

When passionate about your products and services, it’s easy to let your enthusiasm loose during a video commercial and enthusiastically inform the prospect of your industry leading knowledge.  Before you know it, a 4 minute video has been created.

According to expert video commercial creators, the ideal duration of a video is 2 minutes, however, this could be extended by 15 to 30 seconds with the caveat that the additional time is focusing on features highlighted by the by the prospect to be important.

If you’re not convinced by the recommended duration, ask yourself how do you personally feel when you open a video of interest only to see that it is 4 minutes and 22 seconds long?

Therefore, during the planning stage of the video commercial, it’s important to decide upon the two or three features you are going to highlight during the video.  Sandwiched between a good introduction and strong call to action, your video will be fall nicely into the recommended time duration.  

Unwitting Mistake 8: Weak Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) should be positioned towards the end of the video commercial and give the prospect clear instruction on what action you would like them to take as a result of watching the video.  The desired action (which should be identified during the planning stage of the video) needs to be aligned with the purpose of the video.

Interestingly, the purpose isn’t always to sell a car e.g. you may be sending a video to confirm (and continue to sell the value of) an appointment.

Examples of poor CTA’s are “If you need any more information, please give me a call at the dealership” and “Thanks very much for watching, I look forward to hearing from you.”

In summary, if you want the prospect to move the sale forwards, give them clear guidance on what step to take, remembering that a lack of clarity breeds reason to object.

If you would like to access the Legal Update which contained the first 4 unwitting mistakes, click on the link below:

If you are a business owner or senior executive and would like to schedule a 10 minute discovery call to discuss the topic in greater detail, click on the calendar below:

In the meantime, if you are looking to introduce the required technology to produce industry leading commercials, our recommendation is the tried, tested and proven eDynamix Video1st platform.  

They offer a free trial for new customers and free usage during the remainder of your contract if you are currently contracted to an alternative supplier. 

"Since embarking on the use of Video1st, in both our workshops and sales environments, it became apparent that we needed to train everyone in how to get the best out of the new system, to give us a competitive edge against our competition and give confidence to the people creating the videos.

I have to say the quality of the training provided by Profit Box was excellent and the feedback from all who attended was extremely positive. The course material was spot on and tailored to our specific requirements in all aspects, since the training the improvement in quality of videos being produced has been remarkable."

Sean Booth, Managing Director, Parkway Volkswagen


Authors: Nick Horton - Profit Box

Published: 29 Jun 2020


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