Farewell to David, Motor Trade Legend

It is with deep sadness that Lawgistics announces the passing of the company founder and Managing Director, David Combes.

For more than fifty years David has championed the cause of the Motor Trade in legal and compliance matters, first creating Lawdata then over the last eighteen years developing Lawgistics in to the success it is today. All at Lawgistics are of course bereft but will continue to follow his ethos of providing friendly legal support and advice to our members.

Last year David was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the CarDealer Magazine UCAwards. When making the presentation, Mike Brewer referred to David as “a legend of the Motor Trade”. For those who knew him as an employer or as a client, and having had the privilege of working with him, there can be no more fitting epitaph.

David will be sorely missed but he leaves a legacy in his knowledge, wisdom, client focussed service and commitment to all who relied upon him and his team.

So farewell to our MD, David Combes, Motor Trade Legend.


Authors: Philip Strickland

Published: 15 Jul 2020


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