Finance companies allowing rejection where repairs have been agreed

We have had a number of recent cases involving finance companies allowing rejection where repairs have been agreed, but not completed and customers have changed their mind and requested rejection instead.

As we are sure many of you are aware Section 23 (6) Consumer Rights Act (2015) states that consumers who have agreed to repair cannot then ask for replacement or exercise their short term right to reject without giving the trader reasonable time to repair the goods. 

Of course a lot will depend on how long you have had the goods for repair, whether you have ordered parts for delivery and the nature of any delay, however, we have recently seen finance companies happy to accept rejections less than 48 hours after the dealer having the vehicle back for repair, simply because the Consumer has changed their mind.

Evidently the Consumer Rights Act (2015) does not provide for this so if you find yourself in this situation you should get in touch with us so we can help defend against the rejection.


Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 20 Jul 2020


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