Selling Cars on Zoom - Part 3

Slowly but surely, selling cars remotely via Zoom is gathering traction.  We are in active discussions with retailers about supporting the creation of a ‘Zoom Room’, ensuring their sales teams avoid the most common Zoom mistakes and how they can convert business in a seamless manner by deploying key strategies.

It would seem that we are quickly gravitating towards a day when at least one person in the showroom spends their day in the ‘Zoom Room’ converting business and maintaining customer relationships.

For those that are yet to be convinced, which by the way, is perfectly understandable, here are 3 compelling facts that will help you take another step towards the future of automotive retail.

Compelling Fact No.1 

According to Deloitte, 18% of prospects have no intention to visit a showroom when they buy their next vehicle.  

So, as things stand, this type of buyer can make contact via telephone, email, live chat and possibly a bot.  All of which have the capacity to progress sales to a successful outcome.  However, could the conversion ratios be improved?  Well, according to, they can be improved significantly as the following statistic demonstrates.

Compelling Fact No.2

Based on analysis of 121,828 sales interactions,, reported a 41% increase in sales conversion when using webcam-based selling e.g. Zoom compared to using selling which didn’t involve a webcam e.g. the telephone, live chat and email.

Proof (if it was needed) that turning your webcam on and having synchronous sales video calls via Zoom closes sales.

Compelling Fact No.3

Autotrader have recently stated that 33% of prospects are nervous about visiting dealerships.  This clearly isn’t preventing all of them from visiting dealerships, however, what if 10 – 15% were now trying to buy their next vehicle remotely?  It would appear that selling via Zoom is the next best thing to having an in-person conversation in the showroom.

In the final analysis, selling via Zoom isn’t about selling to the prospects that are visiting your showroom, it’s about selling to those prospects that aren’t visiting your showroom.

Virtual selling will become the new reality, which begs the question; are you ready?


Authors: Nick Horton - Profit Box

Published: 31 Aug 2020


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