Selling Cars on Zoom – Free Webinar

Over the past few weeks we‘ve lifted the lid on how to blend virtual selling into the new automotive reality.  From statistics that validate the need for virtual selling to the various ways that Zoom can be used within the showroom to improve productivity and results, this continues to be a fascinating development that is showing no signs of going away anytime soon.   

For the automotive early adopters (who prefer to be disrupters rather than respond awkwardly and with a sense of panic once they have been disrupted), now is the time to join Nick Horton, the UK’s leading authority on selling cars virtually, for a free webinar. 

Here’s what you will discover during the jam-packed interactive hour:

  • The 5 reasons why Zoom sales calls are essential in every dealership 
  • How to impress the buyer by avoiding the 5 common Zoom mistakes that even professional salespeople are still making - I wonder which ones your team might suffer with?
  • The importance of the commitment spine so you can secure the sale during the first Zoom call  
  • How to position yourself as the natural (logical and emotional) choice for those prospects who prefer not to visit your showroom 
  • 4 brilliant tactics to deliver your Zoom sales presentation with all the clarity of the big screen 
  • How to become industry-leading quicker and easier than you thought possible

And, most importantly…

Nick will show you not just what - but precisely how you can deliver your offering (and your offers) - with clarity, charisma and complete confidence

Keep an eye on your emails as we will be emailing an invitation to this exclusive webinar over the coming days.

Authors: Nick Horton - Profit Box

Published: 14 Sep 2020


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