Face coverings are not the only Covid-19 measures you should have in place

Boris Johnson has announced new rules regarding face coverings that apply from 24 September 2020.

We have already received many enquiries on this!

Face coverings are not the only Covid-19 measures you should have in place and we would suggest that these are simply (but vitally!) treated as an extra layer of protection for staff and your customers.

In short if you are a vehicle showroom that is customer facing then in all likelihood your staff will have to wear face coverings. If you operate a vehicle service centre then usually mechanics etc will not have to wear face coverings if they are not facing members of the public.

The main purpose is to of course create a physical barrier between the staff and members of the public. If you have followed the HSE Guidance for a safe workplace and already installed perspex screens then it is possible for your staff not to wear a face covering. However, if for example a customer could walk around the back of the perspex screen then face coverings would most certainly be recommended given this risk.

You may choose for example, to adopt a policy of wearing face coverings at all times during the working day. Some clients have however enquired about not wearing masks when staff are outdoors with customers.  The guidance states that if you have close contact with a member of the public then it is expected a face covering should be worn unless you can be sure there is ample 2m distancing between the individuals. The 2m social distancing may be possible on an outside pitch, however, your staff should still wear a face covering. Remember, members of the public can be unpredictable!

If you have members of staff working in workshops then the new face covering rules are unlikely to apply to them, unless of course they also deal with members of the public to take payment etc. For that period of time they should wear a face covering to create the barrier between them and the customer. Again, if there is a perspex screen between employee and customer with no way around it then face masks would not be required.

If alternative PPE is already being used in the workshop then this can continue such as face masks for dust or sprays etc.

As a caveat to the above we would remind you about the face covering exemption reasons that some staff may make use of. You should of course take each case on its own merit and contact us if there are any issues.


Authors: Stephanie Ball

Published: 25 Sep 2020


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