Training whilst on furlough?

We’ve updated you about this previously (, and this is a further reminder.

If you have employees who have been furloughed, but training is required, they are allowed to continue with the training without the furlough claim being affected. 

As long as employees are not providing a service in order to generate revenue for, or on behalf of the company, then they should be encouraged to undertake training. 

However, if you are requesting furloughed employees to undertake training during the hours which have been recorded as them being on furlough, then they are entitled to be paid their appropriate national minimum wage. In the majority of cases, as furlough payment is 80% of an employee’s regular income, this is likely to be sufficient to cover their relevant minimum wage. But it is worth double-checking!

If the furlough payment does not meet the national minimum wage for the time spent training, you will need to pay any additional salary owed. 

Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 07 Dec 2020


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