PRS and PPL Licences

We receive a burst of enquiries periodically when these organisations, Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) have a purge on motor traders using music in the workplace/customer areas. 

The reason you are asked to make the payment is because as a business you are using other people’s ‘intellectual property’ and they want paying for that use.  PRS collect their licence fees for the writers, composers and publishers (the owners) of the music.  PPL collect licence fees for record companies and performers.  

There are alternative solutions!  So for example use a search engine for Si Bee Records, IMS Radio, Creative Commons, Royalty Free.  You won’t get what you might consider are the latest releases on the radio but the music can be every bit as pleasurable if you are prepared to listen to alternative artists.

Published: 06 Feb 2012


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