Further convictions on lease stitch ups

At least one of our clients was previously caught in a leasing scam by representatives called Business Telecom Ltd.  By making a number of false claims the representatives enticed the client into purchasing telecom equipment at vastly inflated prices on the commitment of refunding payment by way of cash back afterwards.  Leasing companies were then happy to supply the finance for these purchases and the client was left without cash backs but paying off expensive leases.  The same company sold many other items of equipment on the same basis to many other organisations including schools and small businesses.  The key people within Business Telecom including Christopher Broughton Fox, Jonathan Parris, and Neil Debenham have been convicted of conspiracy to defraud in regard to this scam.

More recently, other fraudsters, Daniel Cullen and Daniel Buttle operating as BC Telecom, and Business Telecommunications System t/a BTS Digital have been prosecuted in a similar way.

The simple advice we would give anyone approached to take on leases is firstly to work out whether the prices you are signing up to are reasonable and donít rely on verbal promises of future cash backs.

Published: 20 Feb 2012


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