Prosecuted for saying ‘sold as seen’ and failing to check mileage history

A Dunstable based dealer Zain Ul Abadin has recently been convicted for using the expression ‘the car is being sold as seen’, because it has the effect of deceiving customers about their rights.  
The prosecution was taken under the Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulations.  In addition the dealer was prosecuted for having 12 unroadworthy cars exposed for sale on his forecourt and also for failing to make the simple MOT internet check of the recorded mileage which would have shown the Toyota for sale had a recorded mileage of 128,001 miles rather than 92,000 miles displayed.  
A similar conviction was made against Awais Javed and his company Sysworld.

Motor retailers need to be aware that the ‘new’ regulations are requiring checks to be done on cars taken into stock.  The ‘blind’ selling of a car that has been clocked when a simple internet check would reveal the false mileage will lead to a prosecution.

Published: 13 Apr 2012


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