Apprentice Wages

We have had a few enquires recently into payment of wages to apprentices. Dependent on age and their level of training apprentices are paid the following;

 Apprentice aged 16-18 are entitled to the apprenticeship wages of 2.60 per hour regardless of what year of training they are in. 

 Once apprentices reach 19, and have been studying for more than one year, they are entitled to 4.98 per hour.

 If an apprentice is 19 or over and is only in their first year of training they will be paid 2.60 for the first year. After this first year they will be entitled to the minimum wage rate for their age bracket. 

Take care to keep on top of birthdays etc, as you may end up having to back pay sums owed to apprentices in one lump sum, proving costly to the age bill.

A further reminder that the apprentice minimum wage is set to increase again in October 2012, to 2.65 per hour. 

Published: 14 May 2012


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