Number Plate Suppliers Registration

As long ago as 2003 the Register of Number Plate Suppliers scheme was introduced.  The legislation was designed to put control over the supply of number plates to reduce crime.  The maximum fine is £5000.  The scheme applies to anyone who supplies finished number plates.  Such suppliers must keep sales records including

- the Registration Number
- the customer’s name and address
- Reference Numbers for 
        a) identity of customer – the driver number from the driving licence;
        b) entitlement to the registration number which will generally be the document reference number from Section 1 of the V5C.

In addition suppliers must check at least one of the original documents to confirm the customers identity and to confirm entitlement to the registration number.  The various documents are listed on the DVLA website – document INF 195/1.

Used vehicle dealers who also supply number plates must record

- the document reference number from Section 1 of the V5C
- the date the number plate was replaced
- the registration number of the vehicle, if refitting plates and not merely selling replacement plates.

If a supplier supplies a second supplier with complete or part plates that they will sell on, then the first supplier must check the second supplier is registered and keep a record of their registration numbers.  Unwanted plates must be disposed of by cutting into at least 4 pieces with none of the pieces showing over half of the registration number.

The application form to become a supplier (V940) can be downloaded from the Business Link Website.

Published: 22 Jun 2012


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