A Jolly Holiday?

As the holiday season approaches, we are often asked about liability when vehicles are taken on Holiday, at home or abroad

In essence a customerís Sale of Goods rights do not disappear whilst they are abroad or away from their home town, however they must take extra precaution to keep you informed of their situation. Customer should be advised that even if they experience difficulties whilst on holiday, you, as the seller of the vehicle should be their first port of call, if they intend to seek redress from you.

Further you should be given the opportunity to discuss any necessary repair work with the garage the vehicle is taken to, and authorise any work before it commences. Also any parts that fail should be retained by the customer and returned to you, as you may be able to seek redress from the manufacturer.

It is therefore advisable to inform customers of your expectations before the set off on holiday. This will save problematic disputes at a later date.

Published: 23 Jul 2012


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