The Importance of HPI / Experian Vehicle checks

HPI / Experian has for some time now has been working alongside the OFT to encourage car dealers to research a vehicles history.  This is a check that the majority of dealers will undertake when selling a vehicle to a consumer.  Therefore by the same logic when purchasing a part exchange vehicle, it is always prudent to undertake all necessary checks prior to valuing the vehicle.  This might include a full inspection, test drive, and importantly a HPI / Experian check.  If you fail to undertake these and it later transpires that the vehicle is not as it seems, you will have no redress from the seller, as more often than not they will be a private individual. 

Whilst HPI / Experian cannot be 100% accurate all of the time, it is a recommended tool to use when purchasing or selling any vehicle, as it is a good indicator as to the vehicles condition and history.  A HPI / Experian check should be undertaken, printed off and logged before any transaction, as it may come in handy in the future, and you need to make the decision whether to purchase or not BEFORE you are committed.

Further we would recommend making sure you ask all the relevant questions in regards to the vehicles history prior to valuing a vehicle.  Our vehicle order and purchase invoice pads have an enclosed seller declaration section which once signed will affirm that all the relevant questions were asked at the time of sale.  Should this information then transpire to be incorrect, you as the purchaser of a part exchange may have a stationery form of redress for misrepresentation. 

For more information about our stationery, contact our Sales Team. 

Published: 20 Aug 2012


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