Motor Factors Are you getting the deal you deserve?

A recent client query demonstrates the problems that can arise when using Motor Factors.  A very large and well known supplier of motor parts was used by our client to supply a glow plug.  After fitting the part the ceramic heating element of the glow plug came away from the body of the part and damaged the cylinder head, four valves and one of the pistons.  

The terms and conditions of trade supply may take away Sale of Goods rights as to quality.  There is a limited warranty but after a lengthy process of sending the part away for it to be examined by the manufacturer the most that will be paid out will be the cost of the part.  Not a good outcome!  There may be a benefit of having an account, free delivery and better prices but is it really the best deal for you.  Is there another retail supplier where you could buy items without having to have such restrictive terms?  It might be worth it when things go badly wrong.

Published: 20 Aug 2012


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