The wheels on the judicial bus go round and round, round and round – but ever so slowly

As a lawyer, I have to look to legal matters regardless of topic and I read with interest recently the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in a personal injury claim against a local authority.  The detail is not relevant here but the dates are.

The Court of Appeal’s decision was June 2013.  The date of the incident?  October 2007. 

I couldn’t ascertain the date of the original court case but one has to generally issue legal proceedings within 3 years of suffering a personal injury.  Even so this does seem a very long time to have to wait for a judicial determination in the matter.  I’m not sure whether I admire the tenacity of both parties in fighting their corner for so long or wonder why they couldn’t informally agree to settle out of court regardless of merit, so as to simply “move on”.  I guess the outcome always justifies the stance of the successful party.  Or does it? 

Thankfully the court cases we deal with are concluded within must shorter timescales.  Doesn’t always feel like it though!

Published: 08 Jul 2013


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