Reminder: Key changes in Employment Law coming into place from 29th July

From Monday 29th July 2013 the following changes will be taking effect in the employment law sector:

1.    Tribunal fees will become payable, (See separate update for figures etc). The person bringing the Claim will have to pay an issue and hearing fee on all claims issued after 29th July 2013. The fees will not apply to claims that have already been issued.
2.    All Pre Termination Settlement Negotiations will be inadmissible in Tribunal proceedings. This is further than the usual ‘without prejudice rule’ and regulates all negotiations held in the lead up to terminating employment under a settlement agreement.
3.    Compromise Agreement will now be called Settlement Agreements. The content of the agreements will remain the same, and the same rules apply, however the name of agreement will change.
4.    New Tribunal Rules will come into place. We will be issuing a full article as to the key changes in due course.

Published: 23 Jul 2013


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