Passwords – necessary so don’t get hung up

A recent article from the small business advice and information service – ‘is4profit’ – offered some very useful tips when choosing passwords for the various serves we need to keep secure.  Check out below to see where you password policy fits in.

-    do you use easy ones eg, ‘password’, ‘admin’ or even leave them blank?  A good password is a word or phrase that is unusual and, of course, something that is relevant to you.

-    do you consider extending the password to a passphrase?  The author of the original article suggested a simple song line, eg

‘the long and winding road’
-    the pass phrase needs to have a mix of numbers and/or characters, eg


It is very important to have a policy on passwords which of course depends on the level of responsibility of the user.

Lastly, it is good policy to change password regularly.  Computer systems will sometimes force this at 60 days.

Published: 06 Aug 2013


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