Fees, fees, fees!!

After the launch of the new Employment Tribunal fees system, there are further interim fees that some parties may not yet be aware of:

1.    Much like the County Court System there will now be a fee to review any default judgement that is awarded. This will cost 100.
2.    If the Respondent wishes to Counterclaim against the Claimant, this will incur a fee of 160.
3.    If you wish for a Chairman to reconsider any decision made (considering the new rules in relation to striking out claims or responses that hold merit) this will cost between 100 - 350.
4.    If Claims are to be issued at the Employment Appeal Tribunal there is now a 400 issue fee and a 1200 hearing fee.
5.    If the parties wish to attend Judicial Mediation there will be a fee of 600 which is payable by the RESPONDENT.

Published: 20 Aug 2013


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