Photocopying - Seemingly a Thorny Issue for the County Courts

One of our clients was a defendant in a Small Claims case.  The court sent him the Claim Form and Particulars but none of the evidential documents referred to.  On our advice he wrote to the court explaining that he needed to see those documents so that he could properly consider the allegations being made against him and to defend himself appropriately.

The Court duly supplied these documents. Together with a request for £5 for the photocopying charge!

In another, unconnected instance, our client sent to the court two copies of a ONE page document instead of three copies.  What did the court do?  Send both copies back - with a letter explaining that the document couldn't be considered unless and until the Court was in receipt of a trio of such copies!

You will often see bundles of legal documents with a red ribbon around them. Maybe it should be red tape instead!

Check how many copies have to go to court before sending them. The delay could be very expensive.

Published: 13 Sep 2013


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