Sexual Harassment… a costly business

A recent case has been reported in relation to a call centre worker, who was dismissed from employment on the grounds that she refused the sexual advances of her boss.

The Claimant was awarded £13,000 in compensation, after being informed that the Claimant's direct line manager had in the past, rubbed her shoulders, kissed her on the forehead, smacked her bottom repeatedly in the office, in full view of all colleagues, and invited her back to his home on a number of occasions. This was accompanied by comments such as ‘you’ve got the best legs in the company’, and ‘I hate it when you’re not in, I have nothing to look at’.

The Claimant was subsequently sacked within 5 months, which the Claimant claimed to be as a result her repeatedly turning down her line managers advances. The Tribunal rightly found in the Claimants favour, despite the Respondents full denial of any and all allegations raised.

Published: 25 Oct 2013


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