Slips and trips in the winter months

We don’t need reminding that winter is around the corner however the HSE are making a number of recommendations to minimise the chance of customers and employees falling over in wintry conditions.  As well as ice and snow, consideration needs to be given to lighting, slippery leaves and rain water.

-    Ice, snow.  The key is to act before the icy conditions are a problem.  Make sure supplies of grit are available and spread it early, particularly if snow is forecast.  In addition you need to limit pathways to avoid customers and employees using short cuts.  Cones can be used to direct the optimum path.

-    Lighting.  Staff will be the best indicators of where lighting is poor.  Thermal sensors can activate lighting in areas not regularly used.

-    Leaves.  These can be a problem particularly in windy weather.  Basically someone’s duty must be to sweep them away and clear them up.

-    Rain water.  The choice of surfaces is important and consider the same issues as ice and snow.  Each year customers will slip over on showroom floors due to wet shoes on a slippery surface.  It is important to employ large absorbent mats to soak up the excess water.

Published: 25 Nov 2013


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