Customers increasingly using mobile phones to buy online – but beware

In a recent article by 4D Hosting it is estimated that 40% of online traffic is coming from mobile phones, and whilst it is a modern way of buying online it is also another avenue where fraudsters seek to take your hard earned cash.  The article reinforces the suspicious behaviours used by fraudsters including:

-    a high value order from someone you have never done business with before, or even one which seems abnormally high for a particular purchaser.
-    multiple orders of vehicles eg for extra members of the family
-    urgent deliveries.
-    deliveries at the end of the day
-    difficulties in having a payment accepted.

Other aspects to consider are

-    suspicious names, addresses eg Mr Carman, 2 London Road, London.
-    incomplete, incorrect addresses, telephone numbers
-    temporary addresses
-    delivery addresses not the billing address.

It is also worth talking to your bank to see if they can assist with security.  There is also an organisation called Datacash which will carry out authenticity checks for online transactions.

Unfortunately it is important to keep one step ahead of the game.

Published: 06 Jan 2014


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