Money Claim Online- the £ has to go!

Modern technology means that it is now very quick and easy (perhaps a bit too quick and a bit too easy) to submit a county court claim form online via Money Claim Online.

A Defendant can submit an electronic defence online as well but, as it took one of our clients four hours to find out, certain keyboard characters are not allowed in the wording of a Defence.

We are reliably told that an exclamation mark will mean that the Defence cannot be submitted online.  Given the number of ludicrous reasons laid against our clients from those demanding their money back this is quite a disappointment for me personally because sometimes a “!” is the only suitable response to be made.

The inclusion of a “&” in the Defence will also see it fail to see it successfully entered but perhaps the most surprising glitch is that you cannot include a “£” in the text of the Defence either.  You have to write it as “GBP”.

All seems a bit cr@p to me.  Not that I’d be allowed to write it in that way of course.....

Published: 03 Feb 2014


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