Nominations for “Worst Spelling in Letters of Complaint” Award

On a lighter note, I noticed a decline in the spelling contained in some of the letters that arrived on my desk this week.  They came in sufficient numbers to justify a mini competition I thought.  

The Worst Spelling Award this week is now between three complainants.  I will decide the “winner” in due course - but which of these entries do YOU think is most deserving of a new dictionary.....?

Nomination 1 – “my car went into lymph mode”.
Nomination 2 – “I am to be reinbursted the money as the work mans shipped was not of standard”.
Nomination 3 – “[the car] had 3 separate visits for correctional* work to be done.”

 *word defined as “relating to the punishment of criminals in a way intended to rectify their behaviour.”   This vehicle had clearly behaved very badly!

Published: 17 Mar 2014


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