Porsche “bore-scoring” – defect or wear and tear - case has been to court

One of our clients was being sued for £7000 for the alleged cost of a replacement engine in a Porsche that was suffering from “bore-scoring”.  The consumer was arguing under the Sale of Goods Act whereas we wrote the defence partly based on this being a wear and tear issue and not a defect.

Mediation was unsuccessful so the case was heard by a District Judge in a “Small Claims” hearing at the Claimant’s local County Court.

The Court found in our client’s favour and dismissed the claim.  HOWEVER, the question as to whether this issue is a defect or fair wear and tear remains unanswered.  For the first part of the defence was that:

a)    The car was still being driven.
b)    The quotation for repairs was handwritten on a compliment slip and, primarily
c)    The Claimant was asking the court to order our client Defendant to pay for repairs that hadn’t been undertaken.  In essence, asking our client for a windfall without the consumer Claimant actually having incurred any financial loss.  We suggested that it would be wholly inappropriate for the court to do this. After all, who could guarantee that the consumer wouldn’t simply blow it on a holiday or a new extension instead?

The Judge agreed with this submission and refused the claim on these points alone.  Therefore he did not have to consider whether bore scoring is a defect under the Sale of Goods Act or simply wear and tear.   

Published: 12 May 2014


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