Card fraud and re-imbursements

We are currently helping several of our clients who have sold cars or had repairs allegedly paid for by stolen cards or transactions not authorised by the card-holder.  Those clients that have had the money automatically debited from their accounts, have been left out of pocket by considerable amounts.  The Consumer Credit Act states that a consumer can not be held liable for unauthorised transactions made by someone who has the card without the cardholders consent.

We will be asking the card providers for a full account of their investigations that have lead them to conclude that the cardholder did not give consent and how they became satisfied that the cardholders themselves were not negligent in some way.

As a matter of interest, the Financial Ombudsman Service has recently reported some of the cases that they have had to deal with on the same topic. 

Read their findings here:

Published: 12 May 2014


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