Selling an unroadworthy car – it can be expensive with the loss of your Consumer Credit Licence

In a recent article from the ‘Honest John’ newsletter, he referred to the 'Good Garage Guide to Passing an MOT'.  The article was slanted to private motorists but there are simple checks that you can easily carry out that will be useful in reducing the risks of selling an unroadworthy car. 

The simple checks include:

-    all bulbs
-    windscreen wipers
-    screenwash
-    tyre tread (including spare)
-    shock absorbers (a simple bounce test – stop after two)
-    brakes/brake fluid (at least see if they feel spongy)
-    security of mirrors
-    windscreen
-    corrosion to bodywork
-    horn

Finally take it for a drive.  Does it seem to start, stop and run properly?

Published: 12 May 2014


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